Panettone II

The next morning aka this cannot be right, can it?

The sponge has been out of the fridge for an hour & I gather everything together. 

This is the first time I’m making a bread that has more ingredients than starter, water & flour. I’ll be using a commercial yeast to augment the wild yeast for the first time, as well. Everything starts out well. 

The flour, sugar, salt, yeast, sponge & eggs are  added & mixed until blended. 

Then add in the weird fruit mixture & butter. 

The fruit mixture after soaking all night. 

Now I don’t know what (if) I’ve done incorrectly, but it goes downhill from here. But, as you can see it becomes extremely sticky. The book says it should be tacky not sticky. However, if you’re looking to glue someone to the ceiling, this is what you need. 

You’re supposed to use only enough flour to keep the dough from sticking & knead for 6-10 min. The above is after kneading for 20 min. I had to pull out the bench scraper I use for sourdough. And I used all the flour in my jar & had to pull out an extra bag. The book recommends to use the window pane test to see if the dough is ready. You cut off a piece of dough & stretch it between your fingers. If it breaks, knead for a couple more minutes & check again. 

At 26 minutes, I was ready to open the door & chuck this s.o.b. out. At forty minutes I was sweaty, swearing & it still wasn’t passing the window pane test. I’m certain I’ve overworked the dough, even though the book says it really hard to do. The book also said 6-10 min knead time after resting the dough. So, I gave up. The dough is in its greased bowl for another rest. 

Stay tuned for the results. 

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