Feeding the Starter

When I feed the starter, as I mentioned in the last post, I like it to be room temperature. I store my starter in the fridge in between uses in order to inhibit the growth of the wild yeast. Now I want to waken it for the next batch of bread.

First, I empty one cup of the starter from the jar and tossed it in the garbage. You can also use the starter in another recipe. However since this starter has been dormant for a while, I am choosing to disgard.

Next I add in approximately one cup of bread four & 3/4 cup of filtered water. I simply use a drinking bottle that has a filter on it. I’ve read filtered water is unnecessary, I prefer to not risk killing my wild yeast with chlorine.

Stir it all up, return the lid & leave on the counter for the wild yeast to feast. 

The bubbles & froth are what you want, it means the yeast is alive. Now, most of the time it takes a while to see some action. In a few hours the starter will be ready to make the sponge (also known as pre ferment).

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